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Clinivid - convenient and time saving, secure and accountable, privacy compliant, versatile and seamless


Improve Clinician Communication

Use the Clinivid video platform to get precise clinical information across quickly

With Clinivid you can:

  • Send video information about a patient to any clinician without interrupting their work
  • See immediately when the other clinician has read the case
  • Assign different priorities for urgent cases
  • Use chat to have a clinical discussion without interrupting your work or theirs - no more phone tag
  • Get an immediate opinion from colleagues

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In health, every second counts. Get important information to other clincians instantly and securely with Clinivid.


Clinivid protects sensitive patient information and does not store it on any device. If you loose your phone, the information is safe.


Clinivid is designed for the clinician on the go. Your patient cases go with you wherever you are.

Why I Use Clinivid

“I use Clinivid to send my referrers video reports of complex cases. They appreciate to get the essential information they really need without any delay. Many have commented on the ease of use of the Clinivid technology, and appreciate the extra mile I go for them. It greatly enhances my relationship with my referrers and saves me time during my busy days.”

Dr Suresh de Silva
Director of Radiology, Sutherland Hospital

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