Clinivid For Hospitals

It's a simple, cost effective and easy to use platform that ties data sources together. Connecting records so your clinicians can connect the dots. Give us a call, we'll show you how to get started.

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Best features
Privacy proof

Instant, encrypted communications between on and off-site staff

So clinicians are fully informed by the time they arrive.

Remote proof

Total support for remote employees

Advice or second opinions can be delivered straight away, so remote health care workers aren't on their own anymore.

Efficiency proof

Reduce after hours staffing requirements

Instant access to specialist advice and clinical data, reduces the need for offsite, and after hours medical staff.

Privacy proof

Minimise risk with instant information

Immediate sharing of all details closes the information loop, so the right information informs the best decision possible.

Archive proof

Complete archive of every detail

Even informal comments are archived into the patients record, so nothing is lost, and records are complete.

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